Thursday, 22 September 2011


These days, I am into pomegranates. 

This fruit of paradise is as much a delight for the tastebuds as it is for the eyes.  I love the way the small red fleshy seeds snuggle against each other in perfect symmetry.  What a beautiful creation of Allah Most High. Subhaan Allah.

These days, I am also into bluntness!   Under normal circumstances I am already not one to mince my words, but in these post-treatment days, armed with a false bravado and a high which I simply cannot explain, the tongue moves like a sword!!!

I get impatient, even annoyed when wavelengths don't line up. 

So, back to music it is. 

This is my current favourite.  The high pitch of Rahat's voice contrasts beautifully with the sad lyrics. Somewhat like pomegranates and bluntness!!!

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