Saturday, 17 September 2011

Pebbles......are what you get when you lose your marbles!!

So suddenly I am craving activity, busy-ness, discovery.  It is as if I am afflicted with a gluttony for living life LARGE. 

The wild Sagittarian in me is kicking to be let loose, to taste adventure, to devour time. I have these strange urges to try new things, to reach up and touch the sky.

Obviously I am losing my marbles! 

You see, for the first time in my life, I am seeing someone die of cancer.  If it is true that it saddens me, it is also true that it is not upsetting me.  How can I be upset when I see a rightful possession being returned to its Master? 

Isn't the body's cataclysmic disintegration meant to release a beautiful creation of this world: the human soul?

Yes, I am losing my marbles!

My body is greedilly clinging to creation while silently my soul is reaching out ... for the Creator.

(NB:  I had to re-edit this post!  Instead of writing "losing my marbles", I wrote "losing my pebbles"!!!  Proof enough that I AM losing my marbles!!!)

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