Sunday, 12 February 2012


There is a cyclone hovering around Mauritius these days.  Not doing much except for swishing around wind and occasional rain. 

There is something about cyclones (in fact any powerful natural phenomenon) that brings me an odd sense of peace.  Maybe the outside manifestitation of chaos and beauty nicks the beauty and chaos inside of me, letting peace sit quietly in my heart :)

See, I am a firm believer in equilibrium.  A good for a bad, a new for an old, a birth for a get the picture. 

So lately, it felt inevitable that the balance should tip.  The coward in me wanted time to shift that balance.  But time has had enough of my antics :)  It pointed a finger directly at my face and asked me to do the tipping. 

And I did.  I bent low, reaching for the beauty and chaos of life. 

Alhamdulillah, the whispers landed safely in the palm of your hand. Born was a mea culpa. Born was I.

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