Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Take a chance

I could not not write something tonight. 

It is Valentine's Day...exactly one year since I started blogging. 

Cancer was my Valentine then. 

Like all my relationships, my affair with Ca knew soaring highs and dumping lows.

Like all my relationships, I lived it fully, often burning myself with the intensity of the emotions it brought me.

Like all my relationships, I remember it with a mixture of strange fondness and acute irritation.

Like all my relationships, I have archived, boxed and stored it in my very soul.

Like all my relationships, I have, by my Allah's Leave, been set free.

This year, my Valentine is a heart that is ready to take a chance...take a chance at life, if not love.

No chocolate, no flowers, none of the cliche of love. 

This V day, we simply dared.  We chose a date.  Let's take that chance my love, for life's sake...


  1. I miss your writing.

  2. hi shafeenaaz, your writing here is lovely. thank you for sharing and hope you come back soon. hope all is well with you.

  3. Miss you so dearly... You will always remain most special