Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hair, Scarf, Love...

So my hair is growing Alhamdulillah :) 

I can now walk bare headed at home in full sight of the parents, the sister and nephew. 

People are starting to speculate whether I'll go hijab-less after the hair grows back fully or whether I'll stick to my scarves.  The answer is...........wait and see.  I myself have yet to figure things out :)

I must say I have developed a fondness for the scarf.  I have quite a collection now...errrr, perhaps a good 25 to 30!  Many of them were gifts from close friends.

Which reminds me.  Tan, Dil, Din, Shal, Begum, Bea, Am, Ash...thank you. 

Thank you for the Andrea Bocelli CD, for the lovely fragrant flowers, for the superb stars on a circle necklace that I wear like a charm, for some Coco mademoiselle fragrance, for the unexpected sweet, for the sudden laughter, for the musing times, for the children, for the delicious company...for everything.

Thank you for your love.

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