Saturday, 15 October 2011

PHD signs...they are everywhere!

The signs that you are cured of PHD (post heartache disorder) are many.  One of them is that you look at the happy family picture on facebook and check out the woman and her clothes and jewellery and her cute sandals and her short haircut and...realise (quite late) that you barely noticed the man you once loved.

Another sign is that you scratch your head and ask youself: how the hell did you not see that they are made for each other?

Yet another sign is when you quickly thank facebook for allowing you to stalk old loves without feeling any sense of guilt or any qualms....afterall, FB was the one that suggested that I check out the ex's profile!

And finally, the ultimate PHD sign is that you pull out the Mere Brother Ki Dulhan CD and proceed to give yourself a perfectly brainless saturday night before sleeping peacefully....all without your heart skipping even half a beat.

PHD signs...they are everywhere I tell you!

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