Monday, 27 June 2011

Drop Dead Gorgeous

The touch of flu is now a full-blown infection that is trying to kill me!!!

I feel like I need to be quarantined, given the magnitude of this flu! Needless to say that I have kissed my dream of completing chemo this week goodbye.  I am not even thinking about it much.  I need to survive this flu first!

Isn't the body amazing?  It comes programmed to fight millions of attempts to get it down.  My body is usually pretty good at fighting the good fight, but this time, it is an uphill battle. 

I've tried coaxing my immune system into upgrading its software with all manners of infusions, pills, balms, etc, but it is being slow on the uptake! 

Wouldn't it be just ironic to drop dead from a flu when cancer hasn't killed me???

I don't want to die without hair!  I want to feel gorgeous when I turn stiff! 

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