Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Slap in the face

Have you ever been ripped off?  If you have, you would know that it is a very unpleasant feeling.

And I can imagine that being ripped off by an acquaintance, a close relative or an ex partner must be that unpleasant feeling multiplied a thousand times.

Because inevitably, when you have known/know someone, you expect a modicum of is one of those unwritten rules in life.  You go the extra mile for them, cut them some slack, bend backwards a little and even cross certain barriers into non-kosher territory just to make sure they are well taken care of.

To have yourseld ripped off by someone you know is a slap in the face.  It is a betrayal of friendship or for that matter, any form of relationship.

If your business rips you of your humanity, even in the noblest of professions, you are doomed.  Because the curse echoing in a broken heart is mightier than all the money, power and glory you may possess.

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