Thursday, 2 June 2011

Letting go...

How do I explain letting go?

Not the letting go of an idea, a dream, a heartache or an obsession. The letting go of the big things in life we all earn to do as we mature. Or if we don't, destiny will whip us so bad where it hurts most that we end up letting go anyway.

But the letting go of your grip on life.  The one we all hold onto with clenched fists even without us knowing it.  The letting go of the small things with the big ones.  The letting go of parts of your personality or habits which, if released, will make you free.  The letting go of assumptions and sometimes perceptions.  The letting go of your own standards.  The letting go of your own person so that you flow with life, as one beautiful fluid stream.

How do I explain this letting go?

How do I make you understand that opening your clenched fist just a little will NOT make you any less than who you are. 

Just believe me.  Let go and you will see. 

You are not important.  Life is.

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