Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Go to the manual

I have put on weight.  I guess I must have known it on some psychological level, but it took Tan's explicit statement yesterday for me to openly admit that yes, I am rounder around the tummy and just about everywhere else!

Of course, all those snacks, sweets, juices et al add on the Kgs while taking away the bad taste in my mouth!  But hey, I'll live with being round.  Just please let me have my self back!

Tan is in town with her boys.  She is another one of those mommies with boundless energy.  A real engine. 

But Tan is not just an engine. She is an engine with a manual.  A leather-bound manual. 

What do you do when you are stuck?  You go to the manual. Therein you will find a range of possible solutions to your one problem. 

That is Tan.  A manual clearly laid out, efficient, practical, logical, functional.  A DIY step-by-step guide to living. 

I am real glad she is in town.  Without her knowing, she'll fix a few broken parts of me.  She is one of those people whose love does not stay within the four chambers of the heart.  It comes spillng out to you and your parents and your sister and your nephew and if you had a duck in the backyard, to the duck too.  That's how generous a spirit she is. 

Looking forward to going back to my manual :)


  1. Loved your blog... my mom had BC and underwent Chemo in 2006. Mashalah, you're such a brave girl!

  2. I have tears in my eyes...I love you so much!

    And shut up about the weight business...I told you that you have never looked so good....