Friday, 6 May 2011


Here's how a person dies from cancer

Reading this has taken away my rant. 

Peace to all those who've departed this way. 

Knowing death is a few days/weeks away is something I have not known on this journey. 

No one can know unless they are there. 

We think, imagine, infer, but we wait our turns to know.

I don't know.  So I will keep silent.


  1. you are going to be fine!!! death comes to all of us, it took away my dad unexpectedly.. my granddad suffered for years waiting for it...

    to dwell on it is depressing... focus on healing and living and loving ONLY!!!


  2. Thanks G. Yep, you are right. Not that I was dwelling on it. The post was about how it is impossible to know certain things even though we read, hear, witness certain things first hand.

    One only knows when one is going through it....anything else is just vicarious experience.

    My humble opinion anyway :)