Thursday, 12 May 2011

The wind

Tonight was for comparing notes.  On all and sundry.

I am toooooo tired to blog about the whirlwind of a day that today has been.  But there is one thing I must absolutely remember.  That is regarding faith. 

In good times, it is easy to have faith.  Faith is that wind that keeps your boat floating on the waves in calm azure seas.  In clement weather, the wind blows like a child's kiss and your ship sails smoothly.

In bad times, it's sometimes less easy to have faith.  Unclement weather will see your boat rock. In fact it sometimes gets so rough out there that your boat gets tossed and slapped repeatedly, making you sick to your stomach.  You forget the wind, even though it is blowing and bellowing loudly.  You may even blame the wind.

But isn't it a fact that only the wind can bring a boat to safe shores or cause it to sink?  Isn't it a fact that the wind, invisible and untameable, is the only force that can pull your boat from tumultuous seas to calmer waters?  Isn't it a fact that without wind, a boat will be a deserted still vessel?

It would appear that the weather is rather unclement for us these days.  Our boat has been swaying and tilting much lately.

But I am counting on the wind.  To bring along a sweet little breeze after the storm.  A whisper so llight and flimsy that our boat will gently rock to sleep on its distant lullaby.  IA. :)

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