Sunday, 3 July 2011

Blogging self-destructively

I can already forsee a time when I will pull this blog down.....scrap it, or private it...whatever.

When I go through my own posts, I realise that there is a lot of me out there through this space.  Most days I am okay with it.  But tonight, it is annoying me.  Or is it the bad taste in my mouth that will not go away that is annoying me?  Or the fact that I woke up at noon today?  Or my inability to yank myself out of this lethargy and slow-mo life I am leading these days?  Go figure...

Anyway, what started out as an urge to write and a compulsive need to remember (later) has turned into a platform where close and not-so-close ones get to read my thoughts and emotions. 

I have personally invited some people to this space, who in the past I would never have let into my personal sphere....colleagues, friends, some family members, bosses, ex-bosses, exes in general.

When I look at my stats counter, I can identify those who read me on a regular basis based on their location. From Geneva to Doha, from USA to UK, from Dubai to Pakistan, from India to UAE, the East side of Mauritius to the West side, it is quite a few people who read me.  I am heartened.

But the trouble is blogging demands a fair amount of disclosure.  At least for me it does.  I am no writer.  I write only about what moves me.  In the end, it is just a collection of experiences,  mostly mine but occasionally a few extracted vicariously from the lives of those around me.

If I feel comfortable with what I write, I am sure a lot of folks think it is too much personal information out there.  Anyhow, for now, blogging is just an activity that keeps me entertained.  It is something to do.

But, I can feel it coming (annoyance is quite high tonight!)...the day when this space will disappear.  Like the other blog. 

Would pulling down my own words qualify as self-destructive behaviour?  I wonder...

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