Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I have just been re-gifted my words....from January 2005  (Thank you A).  And I am SHOCKED!

OH MY GOD!!!  Did I write all that?  Was it ME???  Which me?  Where is that me now?

Here's how my blogging started people:

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Beginning

Hi everyone

To start off, let me just reassure everyone....

I am your average citizen of the world with no criminal records, no mental records, no outstanding financial records but plenty of emotional records...of all kinds.....so I guess that makes me just a common mortal.

I am not sure how far i will take this blog but as an initial guess, I think you will find here a mix of thoughts, feelings, views on the world and also, my favourite topic of the moment, religion.

Now before anyone freaks out, please note that I am a liberal fun-loving moderate believer in whose life religion plays a stabilising factor...

So welcome everyone...and let's get talking.

I doubt that I will share more of my old posts here.  That person I used to be does not seem to be around anymore!   There really is no point in bringing back the dead!

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