Friday, 22 July 2011


Just like that, Mr Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's concert got cancelled.  What a bummer!!!

Thank God for the weekend getaway!!!  I am planning on walking, eating and watching a lovely pack of children have fun.

On another note, I am quite happy torture is over.  Walking into that room to have a blood test today got my stomach churning.  It is all so ridiculously psychological now....the whole cancer thing is more psy than physical these days. 

But really, I am immensely relieved that torture is over (anyone noticed how I refuse to use the C word here?)  The hospital will be seeing me every single day for the next 5 weeks (except on weekends) and although it is far from being my favourite hang-out place, I won't mind the daily visit.  It is something that will Insha Allah become routine soon enough.  As long as it is not torture, I shall be fine IA.

There is something else that is bugging me these days...pulling at the corners of my mind, even when I sleep.  I hate this! 

Another bummer.....hoping the sea breeze will iron out all these little creases in my existence!

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