Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My blog

I've recently found out that this blog has a purpose other than entertaining me each night!

Turns out, it is quite useful to just throw it on anyone who is wanting to "know what's up with me these days".  Kind of an introduction to my current life without me having to invest time, energy, words, etc in the process.

I realise that for some people it will come as a shock to read that I have cancer!  But hey, I HAVE cancer.  I say it or the blog says it...same thing.

So yeah, this blog is kind of my journal (although I warn you not to look too deep into what I say here or to think that what is here is ALL of me.  FYI, the really deep stuff, I have personally censored from this site.  There is another space for it and that shall remain anonymous).

Call it what you want...a blog, an online journal, a narcissist space, a personal marketing platform...whatever.  It is me under the lens of cancer :)

This is my blog.  Enjoy.


  1. Shafeenaaz, I may not be active but I can tell you that I read each and every blog post, nearly immediately you publish them.
    Myself, I keep on encouraging people to actively participate in blog posts but when I read yours, I remain "bouche bée".

    I really admire what you do. Kudos!

  2. Why Yashvin! Thanks :) that is a great compliment.

    When is your big day? Will wait for that invite!

  3. You have such a self-motivated person who won't abandon so easily. Well, that's what I have seem while reading here.

    The big day? Probably next year. I think I will have to host it on the blog directly, live streaming :P

  4. Yep, not a bad idea :)

    BTW, each time I visit your blog, I get lost!

    There are tons of info there! You are a pro at blogging I see!

  5. What? You get lost?
    That's definitely not a good sign then, since that is not the aim.

    Tons of info, lets hope they are (most) useful, thanks lol.
    I am just a blogger, no pro :-)