Friday, 8 July 2011

Breathing space

My PC is alive again.  I don't exactly know what went wrong or where, but it is working and that is all that matters.

My memory and my eyes are playing dirty tricks on me.  The memory is completly absent these days, while the eyes are apparently seeing ghosts from the past.  Nevermind.

This flu is really exhausting me.  I wish it would go away now.  It has been hugging me so tightly for the past couple of weeks that I am now suffocating!  What is worse is that it has stolen the fire in me.  I have no energy to gloriously celebrate the end of torture.  And I am getting tired of sounding like a frog. I need a break from this relationship.  Some breathing space. 

There are 2 new members in my cancer club. Both women about my age.  One of them is actually pregnant and undergoing chemotherapy. But she is a tough cookie....she is doing it all with panache and a nonchalance that I wish I had. 

So instead of moaning further, I will now pen off and read other blogs or stalk some friends on FB :)


  1. Facebook? That's the old generation now lol.
    You should join in Google+ now.
    Just leave your email address here, I will try to send you an invite :-)

  2. Never heard of Google+ Yashvin!! In any case, my stalking is usually looking at pics of my friends, especially if they have kids :)

    When is your big day? I would want an invite for a 7 carri :)

  3. hugs... inshalah, hope you feel better soon...