Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A block of ice

"A believer's life is like a block of ice.  The more time passes, the more it dissolves, until no more is left and it is time to meet your Lord".

The wise words above are not mine.  They came from a new member of my Cancer Club (Mr. Bashir- 45+ old, male, throat and liver cancer). I met Mr. Bashir at the hospital on the day of my 2nd Chemo where we sympathised at how miser in words our common taciturn onco is!

Yesterday, Mr. Bashir magically reappeared in the office to profer these nuggets of wisdom.  It was like receiving a gift. 

Now,I've had life compared to a journey, a dream, a tree and plenty of other tangible and intangible things, but a block of ice was new.  I quite like the metaphor actually.  I even related it to my mom this evening. 

Tonight, I am tired but Alhamdulillah less tense.  I've carried a stressful thought all day long and somewhere this is the same as carrying a backpack.  At some point, you need to get your backpack off your back, kick your shoes off, put your feet up and sip some cool water. 

I took my backpack off when I got home.  My sister's unexpected visit had brightened the atmosphere.  While we were busy getting dinner ready, catching up on random gossip and generally being "us", I felt myself smiling inwardly. 

Like faith, love is an amazing force.  It is a quiet powerhouse.  It propels you to laugh and eat and be merry while your backpack stays by the door.  It is that cool water that your parched heart savours lazily after having known the bitter sun of worries.

Yes, life is like a block of ice.  And love is like faith.  A gift from up above.