Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Today, I threatened my parents that I will leave the house!  Why?  Because my mom won't exercise!

Fouf!!!!  I know, it is childish and irrational. Thank God, my parents know me well enough to just frown on my statements, shake their heads and pretend they didn't hear a thing!

Sometimes, being a petulant child is as rebellious as I can get.  The next step is obviously a full-fledged waterworks operation.  But I'll save that for more critical moments!

I believe drama could be my middle name.


  1. Miss Drama,
    I have had the same argument with my Mum for the last 19 years!!!! Good luck... maybe you should tell her to do that for YOU, Meemah, or Ryan if she is not motivated to do it for her own wellbeing.

  2. That's an idea G...but I think the threat (empty) of me leaving the house trumps your proposal.

    I am determined this time. She's gotta walk with me, or I walk out! :)