Friday, 1 April 2011

People Watching

There are bird watchers, deal watchers, perv watchers, dolphin watchers, all sorts of watchers out there.  I am a people watcher.

That's why I enjoy travelling by bus :).  I get to watch all sorts of people.  And I mean ALL sorts!  My bus ride to the office today was consumed by that entirely. 

I watch people's shoes, their clothes, their demeanour, their expressions, their gait, anything out there that is on display. I watch them talk to others or talk on the phone.  Once in a while, I see those who talk to themselves too.  I watch the solitary folks as well as those that move in flocks. 

People fascinate me. 

Mind you, I am quite allergic to people.  But that's another story.

People watching works like therapy for me.  I see bits of myself in others, just like I sometimes see bits of others in me.

The rest of my therapy consists of a combination of chocolate, all sorts of carbs, my bed, fruits, some Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, walking and Rayyaan.

I guess each one of us has his/her own "thing".  People watching works great for me!  It's amusing, enlightening, readily available and best of all.........FREE. Ha!

PS: Am I strange?


  1. Not strange at all! I am a people watcher too, and while watching people I am thinking what kind of life they would be living, what would be their joys, their sorrows, what would their nature be like...
    I love finding a place to sit in the mall, and just watching all the people going by, and wondering about them. Fun stuff, for sure!

  2. Thanks Saba...AM glad I am not the only one :)