Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dear Hair, I love you

Dear Hair.

It's time to say goodbye.  Not Adieu. Just goodbye.

I will miss you. 

You've been with me when I was in a diaper and ever since.  How can I not miss you? 

We've had a long and loving relationship and I have lots of good memories of us which I will cherish all those months that I will not be seeing you.  Let me mention a few here.

I remember how you used to be long and black as the night in my childhood and teenage years. I used to wear you plaited and combed a real dork.

Then in my 20s, some form of fashion sense started growing in me and I introduced you to a pair of scissors.  I dared not over experiment though.  So I would reduce you to mid length all the while making sure you could still be twisted into a bun.  Made me less dorky, but still quite demure looking.

Then towards my late 20s, I started experimenting with colours on you.  I must say I have sometimes gone overboard with the colour palette!  I am sorry!!  You must have seen all shades of brown, red, burgundy and some light yellow for quite a few years!

Ah yes!  Remember that one time, right after my trip to Pakistan?  I did go totally ape on you and had Sasha chop you off to above shoulder length!  That made me pretty cool.  Lots of people liked it but I felt awkward after a while, so I let you grow back to mid length again.

Talking of know, Sasha is undoubtedly a richer man thanks to you.  All those treatments, shampoos, conditioners, serums that he made me buy for you have made my purse leaner and his fatter.  But that's okay.  I know I chose the best for you :)

Oh yes!  Then there was the trip to Malaysia and our experiment with japanese rebonding!  It was so cheap there that I could not resist.  And you were great!  You cooperated wonderfully....being all silky and smooth on me :)  So much so that you lured me into buying a GHD hair straightener last December.  That little excess of zeal cost me a small fortune but both you and I were very happy with the results.

Hair, I have not been the only one to love you.  He loved you too.  He would sniff you and like that you smelled good.  His nose is now buried in someone else's hair. That's okay too....somehow.

My love, it's time for me to kiss you goodbye. 

Just remember this: you are part of me.  I will not forget you.  Come back soon.

I love you.


  1. Language used to put across this wonderful partnership is simple, but immensely expressive. Difficult times make us become philosophers, poets, but above all push us to realise how fragile life is.Every person in this world suffers a handicap, some to a lesser degree while others need some kind of help to do things. It may be physical or mental. At the end of the day, we realise that the Almighty has purposely created man in this state of imperfection,or otherwise had He made us perfect in this world itself, then He would not have created hell.It's indeed very comforting that you take this test with patience and humour and by God's Willing, soon you will be able to regain all your hair and be His humble servant

  2. Ameen to that Anonymous...thank you for this comforting response.

    You realise you just gave me a nudge to write about something that has been on my mind but that I have yet to articulate on the web! Thank you :)