Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Urgent - Email addresses needed

Bad mood it is on Planet Cancer.  Although it's been a reasonably good day, I have, underneath all the purple I wore today, felt quite blue.

My scalp itches, my mirror is showing me someone I don't really think is me, I feel fat and I have just enough energy to shuffle myself around the house.

And it occured to me that world leaders are stupid.  All that money spent on weapons and warfare can be so easily saved. 

Here's how.  You have enemies, you want to stop them from doing you any harm, then just feed them some chemo drug.  They will start throwing up all over the place, develop bad constipation and lose body hair (and personal confidence) and generally feel sufficiently crappy about themselves and the entire world that you no longer appear on their radar!  It's that simple.

I must email Obama or Osama..or maybe both!

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