Friday, 15 April 2011

The strength of a woman

I am one of those people whose heart is made of glass.  Transparent glass, see-through.  No iron bars around it, so it is pretty exposed too.  This piece of glass is usually packaged wholly and offered (almost sacrificially) to one man at a time. 

When Rayyaan was born, he walked on the surface of the glass, leaving his footprints here and there.  These have now become permanent imprints.  Looking closely now, I can see mostly his footprints and some areas where leftover love has left some stains, but pretty much all of the glass has vacancy signs posted all over it.

That made for a lot of empty space.  And inevitably love had to happen.  It came in the form of a little girl. AF9.

As little as she is, she is already a miniature woman, ready to take on the world, with full strength.  Just give her her mom and a sense of security. 

I believe that little girls are precious.  This one is no exception.  When she comes walking, the glass shines brighter and feels lighter.  And it prays. 

Be fierce AF9.  Be tempestuous and roar like the sea.  Demand those kisses and cuddles.  Never hesitate to cry and fight for your world.  Fight with your brothers now, but stick close to them always, they will be your shadow when you grow up.

And May Allah send you His Quran early in life :)

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