Thursday, 28 April 2011

Habitual criminal?

So it is the eve of what I hope fervently will be my 3rd chemo session tomorrow.  Fervently because I am hoping my blood results will show that I can undertake the 3rd session and thus take me that one step closer to making progress in the treatment.

Yes, you've guessed right.  I have developped chemo fatigue.  If I had my way, I'd be double dosing the rest of the chemo treatment in a couple of weeks just so that it is over sooner rather than later.  But that's my taciturn onco's call and knowing him, I really should not be messing with his protocol.

So yes, I am quite looking forward to the END of tomorrow, when a dose of chemo coupled with a royal wedding should see me in good spirits IA.

These past days I have indulged in all of my heart's desires (which really are my tongue's desires) as I know that the coming week will see me yoyoing between no taste and bad taste, dance fever highs and pit bottom lows, zombie peace and foggy wars.  Absolute fun I tell you!!!  Ha! I feel like a habitual criminal returning to an all too familiar cell!

So, before I head to jail tomorrow, let me pen down a few things which I am grateful for.  Let's see:

  • The now ritual Bouillon Mee Foon with "Heart" before chemo;
  • Friends in far away lands skyping me and showing me their boys;
  • A workplace that reminds me that pain and suffering does not come only in the form of cancer;
  • Quick henna; and
  • Love of the purest kind.

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