Monday, 4 April 2011

This weekend

This weekend has seen me socialising quite a bit....which inevitably will translate into me going back to being a recluse tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to that :)

Now, what exactly did I do? Let's see...visiting my favourite Dr., laughing at the antics of OJM, pickling some love with the 3 monkeys, re-watching Zee TV Awards (OK, this does not count as socialising), attending a beautiful prayer ceremony followed by yummy briani and begging hugs and kisses from Rayyaan.  That last bit is something that I do shamelessly whenever the little man is around...well since he is more interested in my phone than in me, I figured it's quite fair to make bargains like 10 kisses in exchange for him being allowed to play games on my phone, or hugs in exchange for whatever it is he wants, etc.

Overall, Alhamdulillah, it's been a good weekend. I am thousands of hair lighter on my head, 5 scarves richer and hopefully a few degrees wiser (what with me getting older by the day and all!!!).

Random thoughts from Planet Cancer:
(a) The hair falling bit is quite an experience!  I can actually feel the roots of my hair hurting!!!  Not a pleasant sensation, but quite amazing given its newness...The annoying part is to have to pick up all the hair from every surface and constantly brushing my clothes so that the fallen hair does not tickle me!
(b) Am I imagining it or my nails have started growing black?  A week or so should confirm this.
(c) I must restrict the verbal haemorrhage (some call it diarrhea) that I tend to inflict on others just because suddenly life looks beautiful to me :) Alhamdulillah.
(d) Cancer is such a good teacher!  It's giving me a crash course on myself....tough love style!  I'll remember to be grateful!

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