Sunday, 27 March 2011

Cancer Club

I brought down the epilator from the shelf today. I had to.  My legs were making me feel too much like a monkey for my wellbeing.

Epilating made me realise that I may have one week? or maybe two of looking myself before the mirror starts showing me someone else.  The hairs were attached but not by much.  They came out so fast, it was actually startling.

On a positive note, it seems like MBC knows I am in need of pumping music.  The new channel ZOOM provides almost day long Bollywood club music.  Well, since I am not jiggying anymore (no energy), I watch the songs and moves from my couch until I develop a headache.  I now realise that my surprisingly good energy level day after chemo was probably due to the steroids I was taking then.  Now, just taking a shower can see me feet up for the next hour.

Since getting on this journey, I've met or heard of a few people with cancer that often occupy my thoughts.  So to keep track, I decided to create a cancer club.  Membership to the club is open to all those who have had their own cells turn deadly on them.   

Let me introduce you to my cancer club.  Meet:

Shafeenaaz (Chairwoman) - 35 yrs old, female, single, no children, breast cancer. Writes to remember.
OJM - 40+ female, married, cervical cancer. Exuberant character with a good heart. 
EL - 40+ female, married, breast cancer. Tackled chemo prepared like a warrior.
Brigitte - 38ish female, breast cancer. Chatterbox. The right person to while away an hour's wait at the hospital.
Laura: 23 yrs old, female, leukemia did not kill her at 17.  Now married and awaiting a baby. Hope beyond compare. 
Amy: 40 yrs old, female, breast cancer.  Blogger and Vlogger.  Never met her but I read her entries religiously every day. 
Eric: 30+ yrs old male, cancer of the intestine.  Married. Father of two.  Never met him. His story squeezes my heart.
Mr. B's mom-in-law: 62 yrs old female.  Mastectomy due shortly.  I don't personally know her but I pain for Mr. B.
Khala Zaida: 50+ yrs old female, mother and grandmother.  Cervical cancer.  A dedicated worker who makes great parathas.

I know the membership will increase as I progress on this journey.  It's not a bad thing actually.  If anything, us club members, we are special.  We have something that others don't.  We may look similar to you, but really we are different.  We have our own language: cancerish.  We walk in the normal world while living on planet cancer (Amy's discovery).  We are double agents :)  

With that, Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby declare the Cancer Club open!


  1. Hi Shafeenaz

    Glad to be in your club, on your planet, and double-agenting with you!


  2. Thanks Amy :)

    Welcome to my blog! You are the first one to comment here.

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  4. Shaf, am sure the list will go on and personally known some people with it....

    keep up the good work....please know that you are not alone in the battle....cheers


  5. Sandhya, it's amazing how many people know of at least one other person with some form of cancer!

    This disease is mainstream now!