Sunday, 27 March 2011

Walk with me

Walk with me

by Shafeenaaz on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 5:05pm
I had my first chemptherapy session yesterday.  Alhamdulillah it went well.  The session itself was boring as I waited for the multiple drips to run through my veins, but hey! boring is GOOD :)  I came back home, changed, took my pills and one Fortimel and went to sleep.  Later in the evening, I had some home-cooked food and yummy dried prunes.

All in all, a good day with not many side-effects.  Them side-effects are not worth commenting about here...Let's just say I am counting my blessings.

This morning saw me wanting some I put on some bollywood music videos and danced to Munni Badnaam Hui and other such cheesy stuff (Didn't get to Sheila Ki jawaani...maybe tomorrow!) and then on to walking in the yard.

Which brings me to WALKING.

As I walked, I remembered a time in my life when I lived in Washington DC.  My love affair with walking started there, introduced by MW.  He wooed me through walking :).  We would walk from Van Ness to Cleveland Park for an ice cream and wih time (and with my muscles getting stronger) right past Woodley Park to Dupont Circle for a Starbucks Frappucino and back.  We walked in evenings just before sunset or if it was during the week, after dinner, in total darkness.

We walked near Potomac River, on Columbia Pike in Arlington, and in my last year there in Shirlington Village by the river.  We walked when we were happy, sad, even angry.  We walked to spend time together, to talk, to argue (sometimes).  We walked.

Walking today reminded me of something I had thought long ago and forgotten. My purpose in walking has not been just to take my muscles out for some activity.  My mind usually tags right along and demands some action takes gulps of air with my breaths and flushes out the tension in my limbs.

Yes, I had forgotten that in the most tumultuous moments in my life walking has helped me gain serenity, if not perspective.  It has quelled the panic in me even when my world was being turned upside down in that faraway land.

Walking kept me walking.

Today, I felt the urge to walk....and felt the desire (yes!!!  I finally have a concrete desire) to walk by the sea...The sea is another love story to tell.  With another human in the picture.

I'd love to walk by the sea with you some day my love.  Insha Allah.

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