Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Yo! Yoga

I did yoga today.  What fun! Not because it was all relaxing, improved my breathing or helped balance my yin and yang, etc. Sure, it was all that and even more.

But really, I had fun because throughout all the stretches and chin-meet-knee attempts, I kept remembering a time when I was actually doing all this with much much much more ease than today....only thing it was called a PE class then (PE as in Physical Exercise).

That was when I was 14/15.  Now I am 35 and my body knows it.  It told me so.  It stubbornly refused to bend forward, backward or sideways.  But when came the time to relax on the back, it felt at home.

Ahhhhh...sometimes all you need in life is some yoga under the hum of an AC vent and a few stray memories of good ol' days :)

Yo! Yoga.  Me like you mucho mucho.

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