Sunday, 27 March 2011

Decision time

Decision time

by Shafeenaaz  on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 9:27pm
Once upon a time, I thought I'd write a novel.  I must have been around 16 then.  I remember writing a few pages of a script which I hid in my cupboard out of fear that anyone would read it.  I did not make much progress on it afterwards.  School and tuitions took up my time so well that I did not feel compelled to pursue that idea.
My second attempt at writing was semi public...on but anonymous....those I knew and wanted in were let in on the existence of the blog and granted exclusive access.  The writing was not fiction.  It was my life the United States.  Quite detailed.  Romance going on full swing. Dreams galore.
Between then and now, I've written to one person mostly.  Via email.  Again detailed. Concentrated. Exhausting.  Unfortunately futile.
Writing on FB now is for record keeping.  For release. For fun. For crying differently also.
I wonder if FB is the right place's a bit too exposed for my taste and not very word friendly and versatile.  Is writing on FB good? Bad? Neither? I don't know.
There are a few things I need to write about and somehow FB seems the wrong place for it.  Maybe it's time I take my thoughts somewhere else...someplace less visible, more secret.
It's decision time. Almost.


  1. How come I wasn't invited to read your former blog on your US life?

  2. Because you'd probably realise how much of a fool in love I was then?

    A girl's gotta keep some fragments of dignity!!!