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A Shakespearean Play

A Shakespearean Play

by Shafeenaaz on Friday, March 18, 2011 at 3:27pm

Amy at talks about doctor disillusionment.  Sure, it can be frustrating talking to a doctor who is not on the same bandwidth as oneself.

I have to say since I've embarked on this Ca journey, I've met quite a few medical professionals, each with his/her own quirks.

If initially I was caught up trying to get several medical opinions on how to go about dealing with my Ca, once a decision was made and I actually embarked on the fun trip, I could relax and look back and oddly enough laugh about my various encounters with these quirky people.  Let me mention a few here.

My diagnosis was done at AB Hospital, in a very sober mood.  The next few days that immediately followed, still in shock, saw "Heart" and I doing a series of doctors visits, each requiring that I bare my chest and lay there calmly while the kind doctors (all male by some twist of fate!) poked and measured and felt around the lump that by then was all that defined my chest!

One of them kind doctors modestly closed his eyes while doing the exam, which totally cracked me up!!! He was the plastic surgeon.  In that traumatic phase of my life, I found myself with the option of not only have him remove my lump but also touch up on the art side of the job too!!!  A very tempting proposal I must say!

Then came the visit with the oncologist.  Now, all my leads had converged onto that one man who is apparently the best qualified onco on this island.  I'll leave aside the medical aspect in this account.  Simply because I had and have no doubts that he is an excellent onco, who would determine the right treatment plan for me.  Suffice it to say that I have NEVER met any human being as blunt as him!  He is as blunt as a razor, very  economical with words and though pleasantly endowed in facial features, a completely unreadable character!

I felt (and still feel) like a tiny creature under a microscope in front of him!  My words get stuck in my throat and my stomach quiver at each meeting with him.  Imagine your first day at a new school....that's how I feel each time I have to see my onco...Believe me, it's me, not him.

Then of course, there is my surgeon.  Now if my onco can give me a case of stage fright, my surgeon can bring out the flirt in me!  He reminds me of the classic bad-boy-turned-good-doctor type!  You cannot help but like him.  You will moan at waiting long hours at his clinic but then forgive him instantly once he shakes your hand and leads you into his office!

This journey would not be fun without all these characters!  My plot is not thickening (as Amy's), but my play is quite Shakespearean so far :)

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