Sunday, 27 March 2011

Relatively normal

Relatively normal

by Shafeenaaz on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 12:26am

Shelved and/or shelving:

  1. GHD hair straightener + assortment of hair clips;
  2. Epilator;
  3. Contact lenses;
  4. That part of my brain usually concerned with total independence;
  5. That part of my heart that you still inhabit;
  6. My tastebuds;
  7. Those crazy dreams I have nurtured secretly.

Normal will be a relative word soon.  In fact in many ways, it is already :)

When you start your day later than other people, you develop a penchant for pills and Noni concoctions, your underarm area feels like a big sponge, your conversations are interspersed with references to Kytril, nausea and constipation, your concerns are limited to headcovering and eating voluminous amounts of food, your google searches are less on HRC but more on FEC, your friend takes you out on a fantastic Bouillon Mee Foon lunch to be followed by an errand that feels more like smuggling when it is actually perfectly legal, your nephew is eagerly awaiting that you mutate into a monster, you simply raise your hands to the heavens as your lips are unable to formulate a prayer, your next excitement in life is being bald, you know that the axis of normal has just shifted :)

This is the beginning of the beginning....and the fun has not even started yet!

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