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by Shafeenaaz on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 10:08pm
I've been learning that one of the purposes of all "this" is discovery.

Like, I've discovered that:
  • I am quite capable of popping pills without questioning much;
  • I am quite capable of doubling my food intake, just by sheer willpower (Alhamdulillah);
  • It is amazing to hold the hands of girl friends and watch them cry for you;
  • Some people (previoulsy hovering peripherally) have crawled out of the woodwork just to express support: Begum, Devi, Jacqueline, Firdoss, Monjuri and countless others;
  • The rewards of some of the people on this earth are probably not in this world (Dil, Shaloune);
  • A card with impeccable penmenship and drawings from aspiring artists can warm the heart instantly;
  • Doctors don't save lives; they are mere mechanics of the body...fixing things and replacing spare parts;
  • The medical profession is the only place that can house the huge egos of certain individuals (read doctors);
  • Doctors are a funny breed. They scold and they charm. They lie and they preach.  They boast and they stumble and fall.  They work where angels trod.
  • Parents, family and loved ones are a funnier breed.  They scold and they love.  But, they love CONTINUALLY.  No amount of sulking, moodiness, downright nastiness deters their love.  They also  love righteously.  They forgive drama;
  • The loss of love is more painful than Ca;
  • An evening without phone access (landline and mobile) is traumatizing!

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