Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ganglion Sentinel

Ganglion Sentinel

by Shafeenaaz on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 11:39pm
 I am drifting these days....lost in wayward thoughts, floating with the leftover conversations, wishing for things impossible.

What is this?  This phase of disquiet.  My mind has a mind of its own.  As much as I realise this, I don't seem able to reign it in.  Oh well...

Some observations:

I loved Dhobi Ghat.
I want to learn dancing (Bollywood classes).
Rayyaan's voice has the same quality to it that I remember from always it seems.
I miss intelligent conversations.
I miss the intensity of a specific emotion.
I wish for you.
No, I am not in love.  Yes, I suffer from the disease.
I have difficulty sleeping these days.  I do not remember my dreams. I wake up disconnected.
I must NOT forget. What it means to take wrong turns in life.
So I'll try to forget :)

NB: The title is unrelated to the content of the post, but one of the sexiest medical terminology I've heard in a long time!

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